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Yes, all ideas are good, it's execution and mindset that matter.

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Bring your idea to life. How do you make it happen?
Pull your idea from the clouds and make it concrete with our labs.

Inspire Lab - Inspiration strikes. Now what? Make it happen with our Inspire Lab.

Idea Lab - Strategize with our team to validate your app idea. We'll provide you a cost to build your project if you're ready to move forward.

Founder Lab - The world of entrepreneurism is vast and challenging, but you're not alone. App Press founder & CEO Grant will help you figure it out during two strategy sessions.

More about the Inspire, Idea & Sprint Labs

App Press has built over 300+ apps in the last decade. In 2017, App Press was recognized by Apple as one of the top-100 developers in the world and was selected to present app ideas to A-list business leaders.

Made together with our customers.

Develop your dream

Your idea requires code to make it a reality. Our engineers can do it for you, or you can learn yourself.

Code Lab - Code quality an issue? We'll review the code of your project and provide you a Glimpse Report Card outlining problem areas.

Engineering Lab - You've refined the idea, worked through the designs, and now you're ready to start. We provide the team of engineers you'll need.

React Native Lab - Learn React Native and build cross-platform apps in just five weeks.

Meet our leadership team

We have 25+ years combined of mobile development experience, with 300 apps created (and counting).

Grant Glas headshot

Grant Glas

Grant has built 79 mobile apps and raised over $1.5M in venture capital for those projects.

Kevin Smith headshot

Kevin Smith

Kevin built his first iOS app in 2009. He's basically the Hemingway of React Native.

Anup Murarka headshot

Lauren Schommer

Lauren manages large app projects, and runs operations. She ensures your project delivers on time.

We deliver app design and development services to companies of all sizes. Find out more about working with us.

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Let's build something together.

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