May 1, 2014

April 2014 release notes

The team has been busy with numerous service fixes and improvements.
Grant Glas

As co-founder and CEO of App Press, Grant created his first app in App Press, and has since built 300 more with over 1M+ downloads.

The team has been busy with numerous service fixes and improvements.  Below you'll find highlights for the most visible changes.  If you have ideas for new features or keep running into a bug that is slowing your app development, please reach out to us using the newly designed Help menu.  You can expect even more new capabilities and improvements in the coming weeks as the team grows!

May 1

  •   New system announcements feature
  •   Improved support requests to include context related to the active project
  •   Improved explanation of errors during publishing
  •   Fix delete button for share links
  •   Fix caching issue when replacing assets
  •   Fix batch uploading of larger numbers of image assets
  •   Fix formatting of text layers and embed layers in editor
  •   Fix an issue with sending push notifications

Apr 25

  • Fix layer selection and dragging including while zoomed
  • Fix display of validation errors on payment update screen
  • Fix zip upload from Windows

Apr 22

  • Fix dismissal of drop-down menus by clicking elsewhere on screen
  • Fix error caused by submitting a blank password reset form
  • New Help menu re-design
  • Improved architecture that greatly improves performance across the entire application
  • Improved performance by precompiling AngularJS templates
  • Improved thumbnail display stability when making changes in build tab
  • Fix access to payment history view
  • Fix session timeout and login
  • Fix layer order when pasting several objects

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