August 6, 2015

August 06, 2015 Release Notes

Here's a list of bug fixes and feature updates for August 6, 2015.
Lauren Schommer

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App Press August 6th 2015 (0.46.0) Release Notes 

Key New Feature

Database support improved to include user login and targeted push. Database tab added to studio in select accounts. Signature capture feature added for Enterprise accounts. Updated push notification UI is now available to select customers. The feature will roll out to all customers by the end of the month.

Key Bug Fixes 

Improved Dropbox integration assets managementTransitions done with the Virtual Pages feature will work correctly on a duplicated project Deleting a layer will not affect other layers in the editorThe database tab now renders rows correctlyDragging pages to empty sections now works correctly

Known Issues 

Native text layers on Android layout are not rendering correctly in some cases. (We are currently working on this problem) 

New Version Numbers

App Press Now – Android Client (1.9.2) Release Notes

Key New Features 

Added and improved JavaScript actions

Added transparent overlay layer

Improved animations for page transitions

Improved memory usage for better project performance

Key Bug Fixes

The previewer will now refresh project data on resume

The “reveal” transition has been fixed

Fix social share with image layers

New Version Numbers

App Press Now - iOS Client (1.9) Release Notes

Key Updates

Database improvements

Fix social share with image layers

Minor bug fixes

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