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As more and more design programs shift the focus to user experience design, app design becomes a logical part of the curriculum.
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

It’s that time of year again! Classes are starting up again which means it’s time to buy new notebooks, stock up on #2 pencils, and wait in line for textbooks. Aside from the traditional classroom materials that you can purchase at your local college bookstore, there are other valuable tools that can create innovation in the classroom. 

As more and more design programs shift the focus to user experience design, app design becomes a logical part of the curriculum. Teaching the process of rapidly prototyping to gather and analyze user feedback is invaluable to a design education. App Press is used in universities to assist in the education process. After conceptualizing, sketching, diverging, and converging, students are able to bring their designs to life using App Press’ code-free platform.  

What did students have to say about the experience of building with App Press?

“App Press creates a richer educational experience for students in design by offering them an ability to practice and build not only their proficiency in user experience design but also expand their design skills to a whole new level. Students are able to build, link, share and test their designs easily and anyone with knowledge of Creative Suite programs can easily navigate the similar interface design App Press provides users.”— Ellie S.
“By using App Press in Herron’s VCD program, we as students were able to test app designs easily and iterate quickly on those same designs. App Press served as a great tool to facilitate conversation between students, but also for students to talk about their work with others outside of the program—giving students the opportunity to build real-life applications to solve real-world problems. ”— Sarah H.
“Having the opportunity to use App Press in class was great. It was my first experience designing for mobile. It touched on a lot of areas of design, but what I believe to be the most important was the understanding and thinking through UX/UI design. In my current position this comes into play a lot and App Press gave me my first real opportunity to develop the necessary skills to do what I love.”— Robert S.
“I first came across App Press during my Sophomore year of college. My class was using it as a platform to learn about the principles of app design and to familiarize ourselves with the interface. Using App Press has definitely improved my personal understanding of the differences between print and screen design and made the app design process less intimidating.”— Ana Z.

Are you an educator who is interested in using App Press to engage your students in the classroom, let’s talk! We love the opportunity to help more students learn how to build apps!

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