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Download the new Coffee Detective app and celebrate your love for coffee with daily images submitted by your fellow coffee fanatics.
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There’s no better way to start the day than with a great cup of coffee! The new Coffee Detective app features images of coffee from around the world. Celebrate your love for coffee with daily images submitted by your fellow coffee fanatics. Coffee Photos was created by Nick Usborne, the brains behind the Coffee Detective website. The Coffee Detective is the ultimate guide to all things coffee. It features tips and tricks on brewing your own gourmet coffee, reviews new trends and products, and provides answers to coffee questions submitted by readers.   

Nick wanted to bring his app idea to life as quickly as possible so he turned to the App Press team for assistance. He provided design elements, wireframes, reference materials, and photos and a designer built his app out in his App Press account. After a month-long design engagement, the Coffee Photos app was ready to be published! 

Coffee Detective App, made with App Press

From the Coffee Detective himself - Latte art...exotic foreign brewing on the beach...a quiet moment in a coffee shop, or at home. All captured in photos. We want our photo app to be a living album of beautiful and sometimes unexpected coffee photos.Install the app and you'll get a new caffeinated photo on you phone five days a week. You’re also invited to submit your own coffee photos. If we love them, we’ll share them through the app.With all of us contributing photos, the "living album" thing gets a lot more interesting.Download the Coffee Detective app today to start exploring coffee traditions from around the globe right from your kitchen table.

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