New Customer App: Fabulous Folds

The newest app powered by App Press will take your holiday table from drab to fab!
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and entertaining of friends and family will soon be underway. The newest app powered by App Press will take your holiday table from drab to fab! Fabulous Folds is a collection of more than 75 napkin folding instructions that have been collected form around the world. 

Fabulous Folds napkin folding app

After years of working in restaurants and folding thousands of napkins, Laura Meinhardt realized that napkin folding was somewhat of an art form. She began searching for instructional guides to napkin folding but was unsuccessful. At that point Laura decided to begin collecting folds from executive chefs, friends, family, and hotels to build her own collection. Several years and 50+ napkin folds later, Olga’s Frumpy Folds was made available as an e-book. After selling more than 70,000 copies, Laura decided that she wanted to make the instructions more accessible through a mobile app. She turned to the App Press team for guidance. 

Laura provided images, a copy of the ebook, website, and a set of new napkin folds and the design began. Each week, Laura met with a project manager to ensure that the app looked and functioned exactly as she envisioned. App Press’ design team was able to design and build out the entire app in less than a month. Once Laura reviewed the final version of the app she was ready to publish! In addition to the 75+ folding instructions, the app features charming illustrations and words of wisdom from Olga Schpitfeir aka Laura Meinhardt. 

“If you have ever dreamt of building an app – I highly recommend doing business with App Press. Thank you – Lauren and team! These folks have been instrumental in helping me get Olga’s Fabulous Folds app built and executed in a very timely period.”— Laura Meinhardt

For more information on napkin folding, visit Fabulous Folds is now available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices.  

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