How Much to Build a Prototype?

Building a prototype is the best way to scope how much your finished app will cost. Learn how much it will cost to turn your app idea into a basic prototype.
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

A couple weeks ago, we provided an overview to the importance of building a prototype. Building a prototype early on will save you both time and money down the road due to the "fail early, fail often” approach. By now, you should understand that a prototype is a necessary step in your mobile development process. But, how much is that going to cost, and how long will it take? Great questions! There are a several things to consider. 

What resources do you have available?

When we say resources, we mean time, talent, and budget.

Do you need the prototype to be completed in a month, or is there an open deadline?

Are you a designer, or do you have a designer on staff who is able to work on this project?

Do you have $500 or $5,000 available to design, build, and deploy the app?

Do you need 5 screens or 15 screens to represent the apps complete user interface?

Take the answers to these questions into consideration. Can you (or your team) build this prototype in the given amount of time with the available resources? 

Yes - I'm comfortable with a DIY approach

Perfect, let’s get you started with an App Press account!

How much will this cost?

$30/month for the personal plan. Upgrade to the designer, small business, or enterprise plan when you are ready to publish, and you need access to advanced features like user login, payment processing, and push notifications.

What is included with the personal plan?

  • 10 GB storage
  • 5 GB bandwidth (additional bandwidth $0.25 per GB)
  • Deploy your app privately with App Press Now
  • 2 Projects (each additional project is $5/mo)
  • Non-updating share links
  • Email support

No - I'll need some help getting started?

Starting with a prototype app design can help you understand what your published app will require. Consider a design prototype engagement with the App Press team. We will build the prototype for you in 30 days!

How much will this cost?


What is included with the prototype engagement?

  • ‍30-day App Press Subscription – 1 authoring seat for a named user (Test license)
  • Dedicated App Press designer to perform 8 hours of weekly design work for one month (app design, creation and test distribution)
  • Unlimited support and training from App Press
  • Dedicated partner success representative
  • Four 30-minute personalized strategy sessions

What happens after the prototype engagement has ended? 

Option 1: Finish building the app yourself. After the prototype has been completed, you will have full access to the app in your App Press account. You can finish building the app and publish to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Option 2: Have App Press complete the app for you. If you're happy with the result of the prototype that our team has built for you, consider having our team finish developing your app. We will work with you to decide what needs to be built to complete your app and prepare it for deployment. 

Do you need custom features development?

Advanced features like user login, payment processing, or database support will require custom feature development. Once you have a completed prototype and a detailed list of features, our engineering team will scope your project for development.

If you'd like to get a cost estimate to build your app, check out our app pricing calculator. By answering a few questions about the features you'll need, you'll be able to get a better idea of how much it will cost for the App Press development team to build your app.

Take your idea from prototype to published app in no time with App Press! 

Do you have additional questions about building a prototype? Are you ready to get started? Our team is here to help every step of the way! Contact to get started.

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