How much will custom features cost?

Here's a quick overview of how much custom feature development costs when you work with App Press to build your app.
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

We have customers request custom features for their apps all the time. Before we can scope your custom development we ask for three basic things:

  1. ‍A detailed list of the features that you are requesting to be developed and what you are trying to accomplish through each feature.
  2. ‍A prototype built in App Press so we can see where all of the features come into play.
  3. ‍A budget and timeline for app deployment.

After you have provided these three pieces of information we will have our team evaluate and scope the project. Because we scope each project individually based on the project's timeline and use case, it’s difficult to provide a specific cost of development on a feature without having access to a prototype, feature list, timeline and budget. However, to help you think about custom development here is an overview of our most popular feature requests and the information that helps us determine cost:

I want users to login. 

Login requires database development to capture user's emails, passwords, names, etc. Database development starts at $5k/yr license. If you need App Press' team to design and develop the login for you, we can provide you with a quote.

I want a custom database. 

No problem. But first an App Press account manager will ask: What does the record set look like? How many records are in the database? Based off the answers to those questions our team can give you an estimate to build the database for you.

I want my users to access the camera. 

Do you need to be able to access the camera itself or the camera roll? What will the function look like within the app? How will the image be used? While camera access might seem like a pretty basic feature, there are a number of ways in which the camera can be used in an app and that use case affects development.

I need maps. 

Mapbox integration is a standard feature with all App Press accounts. If you are interested in natively integrating Apple Maps or Google Maps there will likely be custom development and licensing fees associated with implementing your preferred service. 

I want payment processing so users can buy things. 

What processor are you planning on using? Stripe? Square? PayPal? Will you need in-app purchasing? Let’s talk more about how you need payment processing incorporated in your app.

I want a Barcode / QR scanner. 

How is it being utilized in the app? Do you already have the database developed? If so, what type of barcode is being used? UPC-E? ISBN? Code-128?

I need Beacon support. 

How do you plan on using the beacons? Have you purchased the beacons that will be used with you app, if so who is the manufacturer? 

I want to have Audio or Video files and support. 

Support for audio and video files is a standard feature for all App Press accounts.

Other Custom Feature Development

To get a better idea of how much your app will cost for our development team to build, take a look at our app pricing calculator. By answering a few questions about features you want, you'll be able to get an estimated cost for developing your app.

Would you like to discuss your app ideas with an App Press team member? Contact us via our form here.

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