Improved Font Support for Android Apps

Our latest release gives you more options for adding fonts to Android apps, and we've fixed a number of bugs in the studio editor.
Tyler Moore

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You can now add several popular Google fonts to your Android app projects! We've added support for Droid Sans, Lato, Oswald, PT Serif, and Raleway. When you use the text layer tool in an Android layout, you'll see these fonts available in the dropdown. 

Adding Android fonts to your app

 Here's a quick preview of each font. You can head over to Google Fonts to get a better idea of how various letters and characters display, as well as pairing ideas. 

Sample Google fonts

We've also added a warning if you try to add an unsupported video file to your project, added the ability to set a custom background color on an audio layer, and fixed a handful of bugs. Check out our full changes here, in our updated release notes for June, 2016.

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