Intro to App Analytics

It's important to know how your app is performing once it's in the app store. Learn how to track user downloads, popular screens, and other important stats.
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App Analytics with Google Analytics

Tracking critical customer data through analytics is crucial to the success of any website or mobile app. With Google Analytics you can capture various types of information through segmentation of users and data. The information gathered helps you to better understand your users while improving your app. Adding your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your App Press account is simple. You can learn how to integrate Google Analytics with App Press here.

What exactly does Google Analytics track? 

What does the data look like? 

Below are some of the topic metrics Google Analytics gives you.

How many users have downloaded my app today, this month, this year?

When trying to acquire new users, it's important to be able to recognize trends over time. Did you promote the app on a blog and then receive 500 downloads that day? Perfect, now you know that you can tap into similar channels to find new users. No downloads this week? Maybe it's time to run a campaign to reach new users.

Tracking new users of your app

How do my users navigate through my app?

Viewing the navigational behaviors of your app's users helps you to improve the UI and UX of your app. The actions taken by users help to establish what type of information is valued and what could be improved upon.  

How users navigate through your app

In what cities, states or countries are people downloading my app?

Does your app target a specific geographical location or are you aiming for a global audience? Learning more about your the location of users can help you market and engage your active users or grow your audience. Side Note: With App Press' new geofencing feature, you can send targeted push notifications based on location as well. This allows you to interact with your users more directly than ever before.

What are the most viewed screens in my app?

You can track screen views on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to see how your users interact with the app over time. Knowing what content is viewed most frequently allows you to make educated decisions that will improve the app's value thus acquiring and retaining more users.

Screen views by day
Screen views by week
Screen views by month
App screen views overview

What devices are most commonly used to access my app?

Understanding your user's devices and operating systems can provide you with meaningful data to help grow your audience. Are people interacting more with your iPhone app on their iPad? Then maybe it's time to add iPads as a supported device to improve the user experience. 

You can learn all of this information and more through the use of mobile app analytics.So, what does all of this mean to you? Through the use of Google Analytics you can track all of your users activity within your app. You can use this information to determine the best ways to market to new and existing users to ensure user growth and retention. Additionally you can learn what content and features are most important to your users so you can optimize your app for maximum engagement.

We have integrated Google Analytics right into the platform. You can add your Google Analytics tracking ID to keep tabs on app of your app activity. If you need help integrating your Google Analytics account, check our documentation on setting up Google Analytics.

Need help connecting your Google Analytics account to your App Press account? Contact our support team today!

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