July 2015 Release Notes

App Press release notes for July, 2015.
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

App Press July 15th 2015 (0.45.1) Release Notes 

Key New Features 

Trial accounts can now generate share links for projects Assets will be stored separately for each device and platform. This will prevent apps from loading/storing assets that are not in use. We continue to improve functionally for database support [Beta Testing] (Contact support or your account manager if you would like to help test this feature) 

Key Bug Fixes 

HTML assets will load correctly now.The de-select keyboard shortcut will work correctly when editing text.Google Analytics is now working properly. Social Sharing will include images as part of the message in iOS. We changed the behavior of the "create" button in the new project page to prevent the creation of multiple new projects. 

Known Issues 

Social Sharing will not include images on Android.Native text layers on Android layout are not rendering correctly in some cases. (We are currently working on this problem) 

New Version Numbers

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