March 4, 2016

March 2016 Release Notes

Read about new features, bug fixes, and other improvements for March, 2016.
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

March 4th 2016 (0.56.0) Release Notes

Key New Features

  • ‍The Master Pages feature is now available on every account
  • The New Push Notification feature is now available on every account
  • The Open Asset feature is now available in every account
  • The Social Actions feature is now available on every account
  • You will now receive a notification via Intercom when your project duplication is complete
  • New widescreen layout implemented
  • We added a new look and functionality to our asset drawer
  • Navigate the asset drawer with your keyboard
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to delete or add assets to your canvas
  • New right click menu functionality that will allow you to add, rename, and delete assets
  • Improved the interface for the asset drawer

Take a look at the new features

New master pages overview
Updated push messaging UI
Improved asset interface
Improved Social Share UI
Project duplication notifications
Updated asset drawer
Keyboard shortcuts for managing assets
New asset actions


Key Bug Fixes

  • ‍Fixed and made improvements to the project duplication process

App Press Now Android 1.13.2 Release Notes

Key Bug Fixes

  • ‍Fixed a problem that was affecting the YouTube layers to work properly with Master Pages 
  • Fixed and improved the bitmaps cache in apps with too many images
  • Fixed and improved the Open Assets feature

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