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A collection of interesting mobile news compiled by the App Press team.
Grant Glas

As co-founder and CEO of App Press, Grant created his first app in App Press, and has since built 300 more with over 1M+ downloads.

Below is a collection of interesting mobile news compiled by the App Press team.

Bridging The Gap Between Mobile Apps

“With App Links, Facebook wants to standardize deep-linking to native apps by using special metadata added via HTML. The basic premise of App Links is that if a user taps on a link on a mobile device and that link belongs to a website that offers the same content in a native app with better features than a web view, the link could automatically redirect the user to the app (if installed) or the App Store, with support for deep-linking to content inside the app.” 

At App Press we support deep-linking for our native apps. In fact our team has already built in that functionality. We’ll expand this capability over the next couple of months. Deploying an app with our share links is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Cellphones ignite a 'reading revolution'

“Illiteracy isn't a major issue for much of the Western world, but it remains endemic in many developing countries, where incomes are low and books are scarce. That may be changing, though, thanks to the spread of mobile technologies.”

Mobile as the great equalizer. 

15 new Asian smartphone makers hoping to crush Samsung and Apple

“Samsung is the world’s – and Asia’s – top smartphone maker. But there are a lot of rival phone-makers out there aiming to dethrone the likes of Samsung and Apple. That competition is especially strong across Asia, where a number of relatively new phone-makers are playing to their strengths in home markets, aiming to get consumers hooked on their own keenly-priced but strongly-specced devices.”

Interesting competition coming from Asia. But do they actually have a shot?

The Future of Local Commerce

“iBeacon is actually the digital equivalent of ’sight for your smartphone’. Think of it this way: a freeway sign is installed once, has no intelligence and simply advertises a message ‘exit Page Mill Road’, allowing millions of people to follow the right path. You read that freeway sign 100 yards away and know how to navigate and exit. Likewise, your smartphone listens to a beacon on the wall 50 feet away that says “I’m inside the coffee shop you just searched for and arrived at”. So iBeacon really is the digital equivalent of something we all take for granted: analog human sight.”

A great read, proving the future of mobile is bright with iBeacon.

This is Amazon’s smartphone

“At a distance, Amazon’s upcoming flagship phone looks much like any other touchscreen phone on the market. But the company has spent years creating a unique and, at times, novel user experience that has two main focuses: Amazon products and services, and a custom 3D interface unlike anything we have seen before on a smartphone.”

3D interface? We’re listening...

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