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Here's a quick example of a fully functional barcode scanner app, built using App Press.
Lauren Schommer

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Barcode Scanner app

Barcodes are one of the most common ways to systematically represent data. If you purchase a shirt from a store, the item will have a unique barcode based off the size, color, season, etc. Drivers licenses, rental cars, books, groceries, even prescriptions, all have barcodes.

So, how can you use barcodes with an app? The opportunities are endless.

Conference or Event

Include QR codes on attendee's event badge and scan the code to take attendance or share information with individuals. 


Include a unique barcode on student IDs to quickly take attendance at events.


Use a mobile app to rapidly look up price changes or scan products for a quick check-out process. 

To show you just how easy it is to create a barcode scanner app, we have created an app for you to test for yourself.

Download the demo app here.

See the feature in action

  1. ‍Use the sharelink (above) to download the Scanner Demo App. 
  2. ‍Once the app is loaded on your device, align one of the barcodes within the viewfinder. 
  3. ‍When the scanner picks up the barcode, you will receive information about the associated product.

Interested in using a barcode scanner in your app? We'd be happy to help you get started. 

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