New Project Overview

Meet your new project overview. Here's what's been updated, and how you can use it to manage your app.
Tyler Moore

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We’ve made a big improvement to your project overview dashboard this week. Now when you log in, you’ll find a quick overview of important stats for your app. This update also includes a nice facelift for your project overview, and some new information about your app we weren’t showing before.

Here’s how it looks, and how you can use this information to understand how your app’s performing.

Meet your brand new project overview.

First up, you’ll see a section for “Screens”. This will give you a quick idea of how big your app is.

How many screens are in your app?

Next, you’ll see “Installs”. This is a count of how many users have opened your app using sharelinks, or by downloading your app from the App Store or Google Play.

How many times has your app been installed?

“Bandwidth” is a stat that will start updating every day, once your app has been published in app stores. This will show you how much traffic your app is generating.

How much traffic is your app generating?

“Storage Used” will show you how big your app project is. This will show you the total size of your assets, snapshots, and app project.

How much storage is your app using?

“App Size” is another stat that will start updating once your app is live in the App Store or Google Play (much like Bandwidth). The number displayed will be an average between the size of your IPA file (iOS apps) and/or APK file (for Android apps) as well as any snapshots of your app.

How big is your published app?

Our longterm goal is to make your project overview a better way to quickly understand how your app is performing. We’ve got some ideas cooking for improving app analytics, and if you’ve got a request, we’d love to hear it.

You can check out all of our updates in our release notes for June, and we wrote another blog post about adding video and audio files to your app.

Do you have something you’d like to see on your project overview? Send an email to and tell us how we can make your project overview more useful.

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