July 23, 2014

Q2 Release Notes

Here are a few highlights of the new features we’ve added in Q2.
Grant Glas

As co-founder and CEO of App Press, Grant created his first app in App Press, and has since built 300 more with over 1M+ downloads.

App Press has improved! Here are a few highlights of the new features we’ve added in Q2.

Create a Social Feed in seconds

Insert Facebook and Twitter feeds into your app. All it takes is one click.

Send Push Messaging

The first of our API improvements is now live for business users (Agency and Enterprise accounts). Our new Push Messaging API gives you the control to send notifications from your CRM or web site directly to your mobile app. Use it to reach everyone using your app. 

Build lighting fast Android apps

We released a huge Android update. Now your native App Press apps will be lighting fast on Android and iOS. Have confidence your app will work everywhere. 

Get help with new user tutorials

First time user? See App Press tutorials automatically when you login. Access these step-by-step guides anytime from our help menu. 

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