New Customer App: Samantha Louise Jewelry App

The Samantha Louise Jewelry app is a great example of how App Press can be used to solve business problems.
Lauren Schommer

Lauren helps App Press customers make beautiful, engaging mobile apps every day.

Earlier this month, the Samantha Louise Jewelry (SLJ) app launched in the App Store. The SLJ app features incredible images of Samantha Louise's handmade jewelry collection. Built for the iPad it displays over 100 beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that can be requested for purchase by customers.  

With 10 different collections and more than 100 pieces of jewelry, Samantha realized that her loyal customers and the jewelry stores that carried her line needed a product catalog. Instead of printing and updating a catalog seasonally, she decided to build an iPad app that she could update as new pieces debut.   

Samantha Louise Jewelry is a small team with one in-house designer who is responsible for all design and marketing materials. In order to get the app built as quickly as possible, Sam turned to App Press’ team of designers to help her get started. Through the design prototype engagement, the first version of the app was designed and built in one month. Sam provided logos, design elements, photos, and written instructions about how the app should look and an App Press designer brought her vision to life. 

With the foundation in place, Sam’s designer was able to continue adding more products to the app by simply duplicating screens and modifying the text and images. The SLJ brand actively posts to social media so it was important that the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds were incorporated into the app so customers can see how to style pieces on the go. Customers can search for stores that carry the jewelry line or they can order pieces from within the app itself. There is also a bulk ordering option built into the app so jewelry retailers can make sure that they always have Samantha's collections in stock. 

Through the use of this app, Samantha is able to regularly update her collection as new pieces are made available. In minutes, the SLJ team can add new screens to the app, send the update to app users, and push a notification informing users of the new content. The SLJ team attends trunk shows at jewelry stores across the country and now they don't have to worry about catalogs. Instead they bring a beautiful app with ordering capabilities to the table. The app also serves as a great resource for jewelers. Instead of digging through catalogs or searching online for product information, retailers can now reference the SLJ app to show customers a complete collection and styling tips. 

The Samantha Louise Jewelry app is a great example of how App Press can be used to solve business problems. By migrating the product catalog to a mobile platform, Samantha has reduced printing costs while creating an innovative and fun marketing channel for customers and jewelers alike.

Have questions about how App Press can be used to build your company's app? Reach out to an App Press account manager today and we'd be happy to help you get started! 

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