Build Touch Enabled Areas with Hotspots

Build seamless navigation throughout your app using our hotspot tool.

Just select the hotspot tool, create a touch enabled area, and link your pages together.

Here's our documentation on how to use our hotspot tool to add navigation to your app.

Making an Image Scroll in Your App

Learn how to make images scroll inside your mobile app.

This is a great way to add scrolling content with a fixed background.

You can read a quick guide on how to add scrolling images to your app in our documentation.

Adding Headers to Your App

Here's how to add headers that can be used throughout your app project.

By creating a header, you'll be able to add navigational elements, and this video will walk you through creating a header, and applying it to screens in your project.

How to Add Slide Out Menus

Next up, you'll learn how to use master pages to create slide out menus.

This video will show you how to create a menu asset, then link it to various screens in your app.

How to Add Horizontal Scrolling

Lastly, here's a video showing how to add horizontal scrolling elements to your app. This is a great way to add an image directory, for example.

There's a lot more you can do with our master pages feature - check out our documentation to learn how to add functionality to your app.

Strategy Reading Essentials

Here are some important points to keep in mind when building an app.

The cost of building a mobile solution is partially tied to how you build the app. The app can actually be built as a native, hybrid or a web app. What does that mean?

Learn about Web vs. Native

Entrepreneur Nick Carter came to App Press in hopes of building an app for a client. Here Nick explains how a self-taught web developer used App Press to quickly build an app.

Read about Nick's Experince

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