Create your first app

Here's a quick tour of how to start building your first app.

Step 1 | New Project

Once you've logged into your App Press account, click the "New Project" button to create a new app.

Once you create a new project, you'll be prompted to select a layout, and to give your new project a meaningful name.

Step 2 | Select Template

When you're starting a new project, you can select one of our existing templates as a starting point, or start with a blank canvas.

Our templates are a great way to get started and learn your way around the App Press editor. Once you've gotten a feel for how to add screens, create navigation, and add your own content, you'll likely want to build from scratch to create a truly custom app.

You can always contact our team through your dashboard, and we're happy to help if you need a hand with your project.

Step 3 | Project Overview

Once you've chosen a template, you'll be taken to your new project overview. This page provides a lot of useful information about your new app project, like how many screens you have. Once your app is live in the app stores, you'll get even more information, like how big your app is, and how many times it's been installed.

Your next step is to start building your app. Keep reading to learn more about adding content to your new mobile app project.

Next Steps: Adding Content to your app

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The first step to measuring your ROI is understanding the cost to build your app.

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