Upload Graphics

Uploading images to your app project is simple! You can upload .jpg, .png, and .pdf files for use in your project.

Watch this quick video to learn how to upload custom assets to your App Press account, and place them in your project.

You can also read about how to manage your asset files in our documentation.

Create Text

Learn how to place and style text in your app. Our text tool gives you a ton of control over the look and feel of your text, making it easy for you to achieve the perfect style for your application.

Create Headers, Footers and Buttons

Next, we'll show you how to use the shape tool to quickly create and place headers, footers, and buttons.

The shape tool allows you to set size, color, and opacity to perfectly match your app's branding.

Here's our documentation on how to add navigation to your app.

Insert Social Feeds

Social feeds are a great way to keep your users informed and engaged with your app. Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to add Facebook and Twitter feeds to your app.

Learn more about adding social media feeds to your app in our documentation.

Embed Videos

You can embed videos in your app in seconds. Just copy, paste, and you're done!

Check out our quick tutorial video to get an overview, or read our documentation about adding video and audio files to your app.

Embed Web Content

Insert a web page in your app in seconds! Here's our documentation on using our HTML embed tool.

We have full support for HTML5 and JavaScript, and  embedding web content in your app is as easy as copying and pasting.

Strategy Reading Essentials

Here are some important points to keep in mind when building an app.

Learn a process that will help you get started designing your app.

Read more about app design

If you are talking about a mobile project don’t forget to discuss these five questions.

Read 5 critical app questions

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