Create your own app without coding

App Press is a drag and drop app creator that gives you the power
to create apps without programming.

Create your own app for free
App Press is an easy to use drag and drop app creator.

An App Creator for Everyone

App Press was designed from the very beginning to be a design friendly app creator. We don't limit you to static templates, and the studio editor gives you all the tools you need to create, test, and publish your own apps.

You'll be able to use App Press with any operating system, because our studio editor is a web app. However, to create your app, you'll need a mouse, and you'll also need to use Chrome or Safari (Firefox support is coming soon!)

Using our app creator, you'll be able to create any number of screens for your app, then link them together with menus and navigation. Use our Rectangle Layer and Text Layer tools to quickly create graphical elements and text. Embedding a social media account or web page is as simple as using our HTML Embed Layer or one of our social media layers, selecting an area, then entering a URL.

And that's just a start. You can create almost any type of app you want with App Press (other than complex games) and we don't limit your design options to our own tools. Use your favorite design tool to create icons, graphics, headers and footers, menu pages and more, then import and place them in your app.

Preview Your App Instantly

Once you've started creating your app in the App Press studio, you'll be able to preview instantly on your own phone or tablet with App Press Now, our mobile previewing app. Previewing your updates on App Press Now is as easy as pressing a button. All of your app projects are available on your own phone or tablet, with instant updates.

Even better, you can share your app with anyone you like by creating a unique link from your App Press Dashboard. Copy and send this link to anyone, and they'll be able to preview your app with App Press Now. It's a perfect way to get feedback on your app before you publish to the App Store and/or Google Play.

Create your own app and preview instantly using App Press Now.

Start Creating Your App for Free

Our Build plan is the best way to create your own app. The Build plan is a free forever account, with no need to pay until you're ready to publish your app, or you want to hire our team for custom app development.

With the Build plan, you'll have access to every feature of App Press. This gives you the freedom to explore and decide which of our advanced features are right for your app before you select a paid plan to publish your app.

There's no obligation if App Press doesn't work for you. We can't wait to see what you create.

Start creating your own app today.

Create your own app for free