App Press Documentation

Learn how to build mobile apps without writing code.

Getting Started with App Press

Welcome to App Press! Are you ready to get started? Follow these four steps to create a simple app and preview it on your own phone or tablet.

Step 1 | Create a New Project

To create a new app, click the "New Project" button. When creating your app, select the platform, devices, and orientation you want to support. App Press supports all phones and tablets running iOS 6 or newer, and Android 2.2 or newer.

Step 2 | Project Overview

You will then be taken to your Project Overview screen. From here you can add, delete, or duplicate sections and pages. Start by adding graphics to your launch page, which has already been created for you. You can open your layout editor by double clicking the launch page.

Step 3 | Layout Editor

Once you're inside the layout editor, double-click  the long panel at the very bottom of your screen labeled "Assets". 

When the drawer slides up, you'll see a button on the top right labeled "Import". Click this button to upload graphics for your app. Need some starter assets? Download them here. Once you have some assets in your drawer, drag them onto the canvas and hit save.

Step 4 | Previewing your app

To view the app you've just created on your mobile device, download App Press Now on your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

You should preview your app on a device you’ve chosen to support. For example, if you're building an iPad app, you can only preview it on an iPad. 

Once you’ve logged into App Press Now and previewed your project, we’ll send you hints on how to share your project using Share Links, send push notifications, and prepare for deployment to the App Store.