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Adding Functionality

To add functionality to your app, like in-app links, social media feeds, and downloadable resources, you'll create Master Pages, Overlays, and draw hotspots to link elements together.

Here's a closer look at how these work together.

Master Pages are created from your project overview page, and you can add them to other pages inside of your editor. For example, to add a single menu bar that's used by multiple pages in your app, you would create a new Master Page called "Header", and then reference it from the Page Information panel inside your editor.

Overlays are how you'll create navigational elements, like menus. To create and use an overlay, you'll create a new Master Page. Once inside the editor, you'll set its background to transparent, and choose "Show as Overlay" from the Page Information panel in your editor.

Adding other pages to your new overlay works the same way as referencing a new Master Page. You'll create another page in one of your sections, and reference your new overlay inside the Page Information panel.

Finally, you'll use the hotspot tool to add touch enabled areas in your app that link to external pages and resources, or open social feeds. You'll draw a touch-enabled area over an element in your app, then select where to link.

When you link to other pages in your app, you'll also be able to select transition styles to customize the look and feel of navigation inside your app.

Last Updated:
May 12, 2016