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App Press Glossary

Account - An individual / organization that can be billed (top level)​

API - Application Programming Interface

App Press Now - A client that is used to preview Projects before publishing and to deliver Share Links.

Asset - A reusable piece of content that can be added to one or more Layouts.

Layer - A positioned element within a layout (Image, text, hotspot, etc.)

Layout - The visual design of a Page for a specific device category (phone, tablet, etc.)

Layout Editor - Portion of the App Press interface used to design and manage the look and feel of a Project.

NRE - Non-recurring engineering; the one time cost to develop new technology for our tool, often a new feature requested by a client for their specific use case and timeline

Page - A single screen of content for all devices.

Project - A collection of assets created in App Press and published to mobile devices.

Project Dashboard - List of projects the user has access to.

Project Overview - User interface screen to manage contents of a project - contains analytics settings, push notification and areas for Build and Publish tabs.

Share Link - A method of distribution for an app that uses a web link to point to a project. Viewing share links must be done on a supported mobile device and App Press Now must be installed. project.

Studio - All of the App Press web site that is used for building and managing your mobile app. We generally use this term to refer to all of App Press that is outside of the Layout Editor.

UI - User interface

User - An individual that can log into App Press.  One or more Users are associated with an App Press account.

UX - User experience

Last Updated:
May 5, 2016