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Horizontal Scrolling

You can use Master Pages to add horizontally or vertically scrolling sections to your app. We'll demonstrate by building a horizontally scrolling image gallery. Start by adding a new page to your default section, called "Image Directory."

Double click on the page to enter the editor, then pull up on your asset drawer to add some assets to your project.

Once you've added some images from your asset drawer, you can resize them to fit your screen, and position them using the info panel.

In the info panel, change the width of your layout to match the total width of your assets.

Set the master page to "Header," then save.

Now, from the Header master page, select the layout frame from the layer properties panel. In the layer properties panel, make a selection from the overflow dropdown. In this case, you're building a horizontally scrolling image gallery, so select "Scroll Horizontal" and save your changes.

You can build vertically scrolling elements in the same way. You'd simply need to adjust your project layout to be the total height of all your elements, and select "Scroll vertical" instead of "Scroll horizontal" from the layer properties panel.

Video Tutorial

Last Updated:
March 28, 2016