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June 30th 2016 (0.61.0) Release Notes

Key New Features - App Press Studio

  • Good news for the font lovers in the crowd - better font support for Android apps has arrived! You can now add the following native Android fonts to your app project: Droid Sans, Lato, Oswald, PT Serif, and Raleway. You'll be able to select from these fonts using the Text Layer tool in the studio. You can see a preview of how these fonts look below, and check out Google Fonts for more samples, font pairing suggestions, and more.
New fonts available for Android apps!
A quick preview of the fonts we've added.
  • We're also displaying a helpful error message if you try to add an unsupported video format to your project. Reminder: .MP4 and .M4V files currently work in both iOS and Android projects. iOS also supports .MOV files, and Android also supports .WEBM files. So, if you try to add a .WEBM file to your iOS project, you're going to have a bad time, but we'll tell you that it won't work.

Key Bug Fixes

  • We've changed the earliest scheduled time for any push notifications to 5 minutes after creation. This short delay solves a ton of timing-related issues, and will make sure all of your push notifications are delivered correctly.
  • A bug that caused an error when adding an open asset action to a layer has been squashed.
  • We've also removed autoplay and background color customization from the audio/video layer when building for iOS devices, because iOS does not support these options.

Key New Features - App Press Now (Android)

  • We've updated the Android version of App Press Now to support the new fonts we've added to the studio - Lato, Oswald, Raleway, Droid Sans, and PT Serif.
  • Audio layers created using the Audio / Video Layer tool now support customizable background colors.

New Version Numbers

Studio, version 0.61.0, released 06-29-2016

Client, version 0.61.2, released 06-29-2016

App Press Now (Android), version 1.15.0, released 06-28-2016

June 13th 2016 (0.60.0) Release Notes

Key New Features

  • We've redesigned the project overview dashboard, to give you easier access to information about your app project, and live app information once your app has been published. Here's a blog post we wrote with more information.
  • You can now add video and audio files to your app project with our new "Audio and Video" layer tool. We wrote another post here, with more information on adding video and audio files to apps.
  • We've removed the notification icon from the top navigation bar. From now on, any important announcements or notifications will be delivered through our live chat widget. We promise not to spam you, don't worry!
  • The input for your Google Analytics tracking ID has been moved to the project settings window. You'll be able to view and edit all project settings by hovering over the icon for your project, then clicking on the gear like so:
Adding your Google Analytics ID to your app project

Key Bug Fixes

  • ‍Links in the pricing section of the account settings page were returning 404s. We've corrected the URL paths, and you can now select the proper plan level.
  • Speaking of the account settings page, it will no longer become unreadable at smaller screen sizes. Feel free to adjust your account settings on your phone or tablet.
  • We've fixed a number of bugs with the messaging tab and our push notification UI. It's no longer possible to distort the UI by stretching the notification box, and the screen selection menu will display the correct names of the screen.
  • We've fixed an issue with the Map Box layer tool. Enjoy beautiful maps once more!
  • A bug causing share links to generate incorrectly has been squashed.

New Version Numbers

Studio, version 0.60.0, released 06-13-2016

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June 13, 2016