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May 12th 2016 (0.59.0) Release Notes

Key New Features

  • Introducing a new and improved messaging tab
  • Our Small Business and Enterprise customers can now send their app users to a specific page in their app with push notifications
  • We added a cancellation button for future notifications
  • New Help Docs section added to our website and studio -

Key Bug Fixes

  • Entering in a master page will not automatically activate the save button without making any modifications
  • Fixed and improved the validations for the Google Analytics field in the project overview
  • You can now add a + sign when adding a phone number on a hotspot
  • Scrolling up or down when creating a text layer in the editor will no longer scroll the entire page
  • Fixed an issue that was not permitting users to add an action into an image directly.

App Press Now iOS Client (1.17.0) 

Key New Features

  • Improved geofence feature
  • Audio and video layers play sound when the device is silenced

App Press Now Android Client (1.14.0) 

Key New Features

  • Added native audio player
  • Added native video player
  • Added new geofence filters (day of the week, after a certain date, during a certain time period, etc)
  • Push notifications will take the user to a specific page (available to Small Business and Enterprise customers)
  • All notifications (push and geofence/regions) now make the phone vibrate, sound and flash

New Version Numbers

Studio, version 0.59.0, released 05-12-2016

Client Platform, version 0.59.2, released 05-12-2016

iOS Client, version 1.17.0, released 05-12-2016

Android Client, version 1.14.0, released 05-12-2016

Last Updated:
May 12, 2016