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Publishing Your App to Android

Our team can help guide you through the publishing process. If you're ready to publish your app yourself, we can send you the APK file for your Android app, and you can upload to Google Play yourself. 

However, if you'd like us to help, you'll first need to add us to your Google Developer Account. By adding App Press to your Google Developer account, we will be able to upload your app to the Play Store. 

Here's how this works.

Login into your account using the Google developer portal.

Insert the email address and password related to the developer account.

After logging in, click on the Android icon on your developer page.

Next, click on the Developer Console button located on the top-right corner of the screen.

On the right menu select Settings, then select “User accounts & rights” and click the “Invite new user” button.

Email the invitation to “” (replace “myprojectname” with the name of the project you want to publish) and select “Administrator” on the role field on the form.

The invitation will be sent. Please let your account manager know you sent the invitation.

You will receive a confirmation email from Google as a final security step, and you will have to confirm that our team was invited to your account. Once you've confirmed, our team will be able to upload your Android App to Google Play.

Last Updated:
November 3, 2016