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September 23rd 2016 (0.63.0) Release Notes

Our latest release brings some improvements to make navigating your projects in the App Press studio easier, as well as a number of bug fixes for the studio and the Android version of App Press Now.

Key New Features  - App Press Studio

  • We've made a big improvement on how our platform displays thumbnails for your project, which will make it much easier for you to identify and find pages in your app. Now your page thumbnails will display a miniature version of your screen design.
‍Once you edit and save a page, you'll see a thumbnail preview in your dashboard.
  • We've also made some improvements to the asset importing process. Importing your own assets, like images, videos, PDFs, and audio files, is now more reliable and takes less time to complete importing.
  • ‍Finally, we've changed the information displayed on your push notification history. If you have a very long list of push notifications, your list will now load much faster.

Key Bug Fixes

  • The footer of the App Press site now displays correctly in Windows 10 using Google Chrome.
  • Links inside the studio with information about plan prices work now correctly.

Key New Features - App Press Now (Android)

  • We've fixed and improved the QR code scanning layer.

New Version Numbers

Studio, version 0.63.0, released 09-23-2016 

Client, version 0.63.2, released 09-21-2016 

App Press Now (Android), version 1.16.2, released 09-21-2016

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