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Updating a Published App

Once your app is published, you have two options for updating your app. The first is called a content update. You can submit this type of update from the Publish tab in your App Press dashboard. Just make the changes you want to publish, then click "Send Update to All".

There are two types of updates you can initiate for your published apps. The first is called a content update.  This is done by updating the content of your project and then clicking the “Send Update to All” button within the Publish Tab.  

Your new content is sent to all your mobile users as soon as App Press servers finish preparing your project.

The second type of update is a binary update published through the app stores. There are many reasons why you may need to re-submit an app to the Apple Store or Google Play. For example, you'll need to submit a binary update if you need to fix a serious bug, or to support a new version of iOS or Android.

You can request a binary update via your account manager, or by sending an email to App Press Support from the Help Menu.

When your app has been updated in the app stores, your mobile users will see an update message on their device just like any other application on the device.

Last Updated:
May 9, 2016