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App Press gives you everything you need to make your app successful. What can you do with an app created by App Press?

Illustration of mobile app payments

Accept payments

The Old Way

Say goodbye to selling your products only on your website and in your store.

The New Way

Accepting payments through your mobile app gives you a convenient way to sell products, services, and subscriptions.

We offer Apple Pay and Samsung Pay integration.

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Use Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

Your app can integrate with Samsung Pay or Apple Pay, giving you multiple options for accepting payments from your customers.

Sell Your Products

Your mobile app can be the point of sale for your store, allowing you to sell your products to people around the globe.

Charge for Subscriptions

Do you have a popular blog or YouTube channel? What about a unique subscription product? Offering recurring subscriptions through a mobile app gives your customers a convenient way to pay.

Offer In-app Purchases

In app purchases aren't just for games. You could offer feature upgrades to incentivize highly engaged users to unlock a better app experience.

Illustration of sending push notifications to mobile users


The Old Way

Email used to be the best way to reach your audience. You'd just select your audience, write your email, press send, and hope it didn't get caught by spam filters. Or sat ignored in a full inbox. Or didn't get delivered at all.

The New Way

Push notifications let you talk to your customers instantly, where they're already spending their time - on their mobile devices.

We've spent a lot of time refining our push notification system. Here's how you can use push notifications to talk to people using your app.

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Schedule Push Notifications in Advance

Send the right message at the right time - you can send push notifications immediately, or schedule them for a future time.

Take Your Users to a Specific Screen in Your App

Got a big announcement? Make sure your users see the news by sending them to any screen in your app when they open your push notification.

Send Location Based Messages

Set up geofences or mobile beacons to send location-based messages - like when someone comes into your restaurant, or when they pass by a specific section in your retail store.

Send Daily Offers

Push notifications give you a perfect way to promote daily offers. Keep your customers up to date on your latest deals and specials.

Send a Notification in Seconds

Our push tool is simple and easy to use. Encourage action in your app by sending push notifications in seconds. Schedule notifications, send location based messages, take your users to a specific screen and send daily offers.

Illustration of how to add user login to a mobile app.

Track your customers

The Old Way

The days of bulky, complicated CRM tools or tracking your customers in an Excel file are long behind us.

The New Way

Offering user login gives you the power to protect any part of your app behind a login screen.

For example, your app could provide certain pages and content to all users while using a login screen to keep premium content separate for paying users.

Or you could require every user to sign up and login before using your app. App Press gives you the flexibility to add user login in the way that makes sense for your business.

We partner with AWS and Firebase to host your database needs.

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Provide Premium Content

Requiring users to sign up and login allows you to protect any part of your app. This is a great way to offer premium content to your paying customers.

Keep Your Customers' Information Secure

User login gives you the power to store and protect sensitive customer information, like home address, transaction history, and personal details.

Offer a Custom Experience to Your Users

Store user information to provide a custom app experience for your users, based on their behavior, preferences, and profile information.

Track Your Best Customers

Allowing your users to login and create profiles gives you insight into which customers are most engaged with your business.

The features you need in your app

Using our toolset, we can build almost any type of app you can imagine, outside of complex games.

Here's what you can do with App Press.

Add your own graphics

Create repeating menus and navigation

Embed HTML and existing websites

Add video and audio files

Add social feeds

Add your own newsfeeds

Add custom maps with Mapbox or Google Maps

Publish to app stores from your dashboard

Send instant content updates to your published app

Track your app's performance with Google Analytics

Preview your app instantly on your own phone or tablet

App Press Now is our mobile preview app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play. Once you download App Press Now, you'll be able to instantly preview any app you're creating with App Press. Your app will look and feel exactly like a published version of your app, and your changes are instantly available for review.

Even better, you can quickly create a link to send to anyone you want. They'll be able to open that link with App Press Now, and preview the latest version of your app. This is the best way to make sure your app looks and feels exactly the way you want, and to get feedback on your app from friends, colleagues, and customers.

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