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Do you manage the prep recipes and HR materials for multi-location restaurant concepts?

App Press' prep recipe solution has been deployed in over 200+ restaurants for the last 4 years.
Our customers include Nordstrom, bartaco and Barcelona.

Update employee material anytime

Have all locations stage the same culinary experience

Send push notifications to communicate with your employees

Rapid training delivery to your entire community

Allows you and your team to create fresh and local menus

Print all food safety labels via the app

Digitize kitchen checklists

Send updates instantly to your whole staff

Reduce Hard Costs

Reduce budget spent on printed materials that quickly go out of date with our LMS for restaurants.

Increase Your Margins

Increase your margins by ensuring quality and ingredient control for your recipes.

Increase Menu Control

Be comfortable offering LTO and seasonal menu items.

Reduce Time To Productivity

Ensure your staff is being trained on the proper prep and HR material.
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An App For Your Kitchen

As part of our setup we build your employee program into a tablet app. Each app is custom branded to convey the unique visual language of each client and our User Interface (UI) looks, feels and functions like today’s consumer-facing tablet apps. 

Our LMS then allows you to easily add and update content to the app. Updates take less than a minute to make and send out to all your employees.


Take a look at apps built for multi-location restaurants.

Nordstrom Restaurants

Nordstrom built an internal app used by restaurant employees in over 200 locations.

"App Press enabled Nordstrom to build and manage apps quickly and then rapidly deploy them to all of our restaurants. The capabilities are incredible."

- Dan Wood, Culinary Logistics Manager at Nordstrom

Nordstrom partnered with App Press to design internal iPad apps for all of their restaurant locations. The apps reduce time spent training new employees, provide an easy way to distribute and update training materials, and ensure consistent food preparation for all Nordstrom restaurants.

App Benefits

  • Reduced training time for all Nordstrom restaurant employees across the country
  • Easily updated menu items improve standardization of food preparation across all Nordstrom restaurant locations
  • Rapid training delivery to Nordstrom's entire community

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Barteca built two internal apps to share recipe information with employees of bartaco and Barcelona Wine Bar.

Jonathan Rohland, the culinary director of bartaco, needed a way to manage and distribute recipe and menu databases for employees of Barteca's bartaco and Barcelona Wine Bar restaurants. Working with the App Press team, Jonathan published two Bartaco branded iPad apps to give his employees quick access to recipes, menus, and other relevant HR information.

App Benefits

  • All locations stage the same culinary experience
  • Update employee material anytime
  • Quick employee access to tools and training documents, recipes, allergy information, and other company information

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Carniceria Guanajuato

Carniceria Guanajuato worked with the App Press team to make an app for their restaurant and grocery store.

“I love how easy App Press is to use. I had never used Adobe tools and I have no experience with mobile development. After a 30-minute training session with the App Press team I was able to start making changes in the app. I also used the tutorials videos when I needed help. It’s fast and easy to add new content to the app every week.”

- Claudia, Director of Operations, Carniceria Guanajuato

Carniceria Guanajuato is a Mexican grocery store and restaurant located in Indianapolis. The App Press team designed an app to help Carniceria Guanajuato keep their community informed of weekly specials in their grocery store.

App Benefits

  • Rapid content delivery to Carniceria Guanajuato's entire community
  • Update material anytime
  • Daily specials are sent out using location-based push notifications

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