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The Sprint Lab

Is your idea good? Yes, and we prove it using the Google Ventures' Sprint process outlined in the NYT Bestselling book, Sprint by Jake Knapp.
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What is The Sprint Lab?

Sprinting an app idea is useful when you need to validate your idea. We often work with entrepreneurs and startups who have an idea for an app, and not sure if the idea works. Abstract ideas can be hard to understand.

Starting with a Sprint can help people understand your idea by giving them a blueprint which is concrete and functional they can work with.

A blueprint which includes a prototype transforms the conversation when you're pitching your idea, whether you're explaining it to a friend, or speaking with a potential investor to help you fund the complete version of your mobile app.

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What We Deliver

The Sprint Lab is a five-week system for solving problems and testing new ideas. App Press has adapted Google Venture's Sprint process into a 5-week process for thoroughly flushing out concepts.

When you work with our Sprint team, we are in constant contact with regular video calls, updates, learning gift boxes sent via UPS and weekly deliverables.

At the end of your Sprint engagement, we deliver a basic prototype app, project roadmap, a technical requirements document and cost estimates to build your project.

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App Press has built over 300+ apps in the last decade. In 2017, App Press was recognized by Apple as one of the top-100 developers in the world and was selected to present app ideas to A-list business leaders.

Our Founder and CEO Grant Glas gave the App Press business pitch to Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will.i.am, music producer Zane Lowe, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Want to talk to Grant? Invest in the Idea Lab.

Take The Small Step?

Your idea is good. Let's build something together. Have our Founder and CEO Grant Glas help.

We know what it's like starting from scratch. It's scary. We founded App Press 7 years ago with $500. Since then we've built 300+ apps. Pitched to Jessica Alba with Apple. Raised $1,400,000+. Hired great people.

And in that process we realized what we are good at. Building a first class app from scratch. We have been in your shoes. Let us help.

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Amazing Idea Lab Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"I cannot say enough great things about the App Press team! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to create an outstanding app."
 - Taylor C.

Excellent support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"App Press help was critical to launching my first app."
- Jon M.

Thank you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"My absolute deepest thanks go out to the App Press. Designer friendly at its finest. Moreover, I am absolutely blown away at the level of responsiveness I received from the team."
- Tyson C.

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Custom App Engineering

A complex project, developed to your exact specification.
Time to code your app: Your project will fall into one of three time buckets: 3, 6 or 12 months
Contact for us pricing

What is Custom Engineering?

Custom application development is the right choice if your app needs complex features or if your app must connect to existing technology, like your own database.

Our team is available to scope, design, and develop a unique, engaging mobile experience to your exact specifications.

We specialize in React, React Native, AWS, Java and Objective-C.

React and React Native are bleeding edge technologies used by Facebook and Instagram. We typical recommend this framework for custom projects.

Curious why React Native is best for your project? Reach out for a 30 minute conversation.

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What We Deliver

Our team has worked on highly complex technical projects for clients all over the globe, and we have the experience required to create any type of app you can imagine.

At the end of your custom app development engagement, we will deliver a high quality, beautiful app with the feature set and user experience you require.

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What Happens Next?

We're happy to have a conversation about further options once custom app development is completed to your satisfaction.

We can also help you publish your app outside of the app stores, using standard private deployment options, or publishing your app internally using our own methods.

Our team is available for technical development and advisement on an ongoing basis, or we can further improve your mobile app.

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Is My Idea Safe?

We promise to keep your idea private. App Press would be out of business in six months if we tried to steal someone else's idea.

We work in a reputation business, and we invest in many of our clients - so stealing ideas is a poor way to protect our investments.

For obvious reasons, we can't sign an NDA as a pre-requisite for reviewing prospective projects (like the overwhelming majority of other consulting companies and credible venture investors). We see way too many ideas to subject ourselves to the trailing liability that might come with an NDA before we actually commit to working with a client.

At the moment we commit to work with you (and you with us) we sign a mutual confidentiality agreement as part of our TOS.

It all starts with a conversation.

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