Share Your App With Anyone

Here's how to create a private URL you can send to anyone to preview your app.

This is a great way to get feedback from a coworker or beta user before sending your app to the app stores for publishing.

Here's our documentation on how to create a private link to share and preview your mobile app.

Sending Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way to communicate with your users after you publish your app. Using App Press, you can set up several types of notifications.

You can send a push notification to all of your users, or you can target specific users in a location by using geofence or beacon notifications.

Check out our documentation to learn more about sending push notifications with App Press.

A few FAQs about publishing your app to The App Store and Google Play

Publishing checklist

Is there App Press branding in my app(s)?
Any app you build has zero branding to indicate it was created in App Press.

Do I pay the publishing fee for every app? Every update?
Publishing is free with an Enterprise account. However, with a Designer and Small Business account, you pay for every app project you publish. The publishing fee covers delivery to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You do not pay for instant content updates made to your app via App Press’ CMS.  

Our publishing fee is incurred each time you ask App Press to submit your app to the app stores, or ask to receive the final application file directly for you to distribute yourself.

Can I preview my app before I publish?
Yes, you can use our mobile app App Press Now to preview your project as you develop it. You can create a shareable URL to let anyone you choose preview your project.

Think of it as a document and application pairing. Just as you need an app like Photoshop to open .psd files, we use App Press Now to open your project when you distribute it via a shareable URL, instead of as a standalone app. App Press Now is a free app available in both app stores.

How long is the approval process for the App Store and Google Play, once my app is submitted?
App Store approval times vary depending upon the application’s content and complexity. Apple makes a reasonable effort to finish reviews within a week. However, if your app is rejected, you may experience another week long delay for the next review. We recommend you plan for 1-2 weeks in the submission process.

Google Play does not have a detailed review process. Once your app is uploaded, it's usually available for download on Google Play within an hour.

If I quit paying, what happens to my published app(s)?
If you cancel your subscription, your app’s content will stop displaying to your users. You can also choose to publish a bundled app. The bundled apps will continue to work even if you cancel your subscription.

However, bundled apps cannot receive new content or push messages from the App Press CMS tool. Bundled apps are larger in file size, because we package all of your app’s content together, which results in a longer download time.

There are pros and cons to publishing a streaming app or a bundled app. The App Press team is happy to help you pick the right option for your app needs.

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With App Press’ push messaging capabilities, you can use four types of push messaging to connect with your users.

Learn about push notifications

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Need help publishing to the app store?

Our team of iOS and Android developers are available to help.

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