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App Prototyping

We create an app prototype that looks and feels like a real app, for a one-time cost.
Time to complete: 4 weeks

What is App Prototyping?

Prototyping an app is useful when you're not planning to publish to app stores right away. We often work with entrepreneurs and startups who have an idea for an app, and we create a prototype to show to potential investors.

Abstract ideas can be hard to understand. A prototype app is an app that behaves like a real app, with sample data in place of real data. Starting with a prototype can help people understand your app idea by giving them something concrete and functional they can work with.

A prototype transforms the conversation when you're pitching your idea, whether you're explaining it to a friend, or speaking with a potential investor to help you fund the complete version of your mobile app.

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What We Deliver

Our prototype apps aren't just basic HTML mockups - they're real native apps, just like you're used to downloading from app stores. We can mock up any connections to external sites or services, to show others how your finished app will work.

When you work with our team to create your app prototype, we will be in constant contact with regular updates and weekly deliverables. 

At the end of your prototype design engagement, we deliver a beautiful, high quality prototype app, with up to 20 screens included. Our team can help you map out the screens your prototype will need, and more screens can be added for an additional cost.

Your prototype will work on your phone or tablet, and can be shared with anyone.

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What Happens Next?

We're here to give your app the best chance to succeed.

Once your prototype design engagement has wrapped, we can discuss a cost to complete your app and publish to app stores, or help you create a pitch deck to seek investment. 

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App Design

Our strategy, design and marketing team becomes your full-time team.
Time to complete: 1 - 6 Months

What is App Design?

If you're interested in publishing your app to app stores, our app design team can create a simple informational app and publish to app stores. Over the years, we've perfected an app design process that allows us to create and publish an app in a little over a month.

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What We Deliver

Our app design services are perfect for informational apps that don't require complex features like user login, payment processing, or geolocation services.

We work closely with all of our clients, and our team will be in constant contact with weekly deliverables, screens for your approval, and design options to help you bring your app to life.

At the end of a design project, our team will deliver a beautiful, high quality app that can be published to app stores immediately.

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What Happens Next?

Once your app is published, we can discuss pricing and timelines for custom feature development, or further app improvements.

Our team will also teach you how to manage your app by publishing instant content updates and sending push notifications using the App Press platform.

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Custom App Development

A complex app, developed to your exact specification.
Time to complete: 3 - 12 Months

What is Custom App Development?

Custom application development is the right choice if your app needs complex features or if your app must connect to existing technology, like your own database.

Our team is available to scope, design, and develop a unique, engaging mobile experience to your exact specifications.

We specialize in React, React Native, AWS, Java and Objective-C.

React and React Native are bleeding edge technologies used by Facebook and Instagram. We typical recommend this framework for custom projects.

Curious why React Native is best for your project? Reach out for a 30 minute conversation.

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What We Deliver

Our team has worked on highly complex technical projects for clients all over the globe, and we have the experience required to create any type of app you can imagine.

At the end of your custom app development engagement, we will deliver a high quality, beautiful app with the feature set and user experience you require.

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What Happens Next?

We're happy to have a conversation about further options once custom app development is completed to your satisfaction.

We can also help you publish your app outside of the app stores, using standard private deployment options, or publishing your app internally using our own methods.

Our team is available for technical development and advisement on an ongoing basis, or we can further improve your mobile app.

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Is My Idea Safe?

We promise to keep your idea private. App Press would be out of business in six months if we tried to steal someone else's idea.

We work in a reputation business, and we invest in many of our clients - so stealing ideas is a poor way to protect our investments.

For obvious reasons, we can't sign an NDA as a pre-requisite for reviewing prospective projects (like the overwhelming majority of other consulting companies and credible venture investors). We see way too many ideas to subject ourselves to the trailing liability that might come with an NDA before we actually commit to working with a client.

At the moment we commit to work with you (and you with us) we sign a mutual confidentiality agreement as part of our TOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to create an app with App Press?
Because our studio editor is a web app, you can use App Press on any operating system. However, you will need to have access to a mouse, and use either Chrome or Safari (Firefox support coming soon!)

Can I create an app for Android and iOS?
You can use App Press to create mobile apps for any iPad, iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later. You can also create Android apps for any phone or tablet running Android 2.2 or later.

Can App Press help with custom mobile development?
We've worked with hundreds of companies all around the world on complex mobile projects. Our team is available for custom app design and development.

Read about our mobile development services.

How many apps can I create?
Each app will require a project slot. The Build account starts with two project slots, and the Designer account starts with five. You can purchase slots for an extra $5 per month for each additional project.

Our business accounts (Small Business and Enterprise) have unlimited project slots.

Do I need my own developer accounts?
Yes, you will need your own developer accounts. Any app you create with App Press will be published under your own name, or your business' name - there is no indication your app was created with our platform.

Apple Developer Accounts start at $99 / year, and Google Developer Accounts require a one-time $25 fee. Our team is happy to help you set up your developer accounts before you publish your app.

How much does it cost to publish my app?
You'll need to be on a Designer or higher plan to publish your app. The Designer plan has a $299 publishing fee, which covers publication to both the iOS and Android app stores. However, if you sign up for an annual Designer plan, you will be able to publish once per year for free.

Our business accounts (Small Business and Enterprise) do not have a publishing fee.

What happens after I publish my app?
Once your app is live in the app stores, you'll use your App Press dashboard to schedule push notifications, send instant content updates, and track how your users are interacting with your app.

Can I purchase more bandwidth and storage?
Additional bandwidth and storage are available on demand. For Designer accounts, each additional 1 GB of bandwidth and storage costs $0.25. For Small Business and Enterprise accounts, each additional 1 GB of bandwidth and storage costs $0.14.

Do you have a reseller program?
White labeling and reselling apps is available on our Enterprise plan. If you're interested in becoming an app reseller, please contact us.

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